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Get Kilted with Scotland



Who is Robert Burns?

Why should you be teaching your students about this famous Scottish poet? Why is he famous? Plus, I'll provide you with some information on how to implement a wee bit of Scottish culture in your language arts lessons.  There is also the opportunity for some musical integration and a free Robert Burns downloadable bonus pack. 

Let’s get Kilted! 

EPISODE #25 / August 2019

Get rid of your To-Do list 

Today we talk about saving time by getting rid of your to do list. Learn how to turn that long list into scheduled items in your calendar and get rid of the to do list overwhelm! 

Get our free scheduling templates for time download and learn how to use them efficiently with this episode.

EPISODE #12 / May 2019

Focus on Brazil: FESTA JUNINA 

The Brazilian Tradition of Festa Junina in the fall of the year (which is in June for the southern hemisphere) is a great way to introduce some cultural fun for your class at the end of the year or even for the upcoming fall! 

EPISODE #15 / June 2019

Your Roadmap to the

BEST teacher year EVER

Planning out the entire year can sound overwhelming, but the truth is that it can actually help you eliminate all of the overwhelm! Once you can see out your entire year and you know you have some missing pieces to work on, it makes your planning time so much more productive. 

Get my FREE downloadable Planning Roadmap in this post. 

This isn’t your typical planning map. We have created a way to help you proactively prevent teacher burn out, creates white space in your calendar for all the unknowns, and implements those BIG GOALS and DREAMS you have for your classroom.  

EPISODE #17 / July 2019

The Best of India
with Special Guest 
Neeranjna Bajpai​


There is a lot we can implement in our classrooms that come from Indian culture! 

Here, you'll get tons of information on the music, maths, art and dance…but the best part is what you'll learn about mindfulness techniques, tools for focusing in class and some great ways to achieve balance. 




Jenny Licko



    I changed my path in my teaching job due to a passion I have for Cultural diversity. I've lived in 6 different countries and been a visiting teacher in over 300 schools presenting culturally diverse workshops and assemblies to both students and teachers. I'm passionate about cultural inclusion and that our future depends on a more tolerant and respectful population.  

    (I'm also quite passionate about the 

    beach and ice cream!)


    ​I currently live in Brazil with my husband from Uruguay, my two bi-lingual and very energetic boys and my sweet white Labrador Bailey.



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