The Best of India - A culture rich with mindfulness, balance and focus with special guest  Neeranjna Bajpai.


Blogpost for Episode N. 17 Respecting Diversity in the Class

The Best of India!


By Jenny Licko - Respecting Diversity in the Class

The best of India can really help your students!


Focus. Mindfulness. Balance. 



In episode #17, the focus is on India! I was so honored to sit down with Indian cultural specialist Neeranjna Bajpai as she shared information on the music, maths, art and dance of India.  But the best part is what she shared about mindfulness techniques, tools for focusing in class and some great ways to achieve balance. 


As a free bonus, she also put together a list of links (Intro Guide to India) to help you navigate after listening to the podcast. These links will direct you to very specific types of music, the culture of India, styles of dance and more. 


Our special guest Neeranjna Bajpai specializes in India culture.  We talked about many aspects of Indian Culture and how to better understand ways we can not only expose students to another diverse culture, but also what specific cultural aspects of India could be beneficial in the classroom.  Listen to the week's episode to get more information about the follow subjects in Indian culture . 

  • Mindfullness 
  • Focus
  • Balance
  • Music 
  • Dance
  • Fashion
  • Art
  • Math
  • Religion
  • Yoga

Please note that Neeranjna recommended literature for your students. The book she shares on the podcast is called 'GITA'. 


Listen to the Podcast and Download the Free Guide to India to get started! 


Exposing children to a variety of traditions and ideas helps them develop the skills they need to become future ready. 

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Jenny Licko

Jenny Licko has been a music educator for over 20 years working both in schools and privately internationally. She has a passion for helping students become ready for a cultural diverse future.  

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