How to get rid of the to do list and have a system instead!

Templates for Time by Jennifer Licko

Get rid of the to do list

By Jenny Licko - Respecting Diversity in the Class

The days that go well are the ones that I planned well for in advance. Sometimes you get lucky and have an excellent lesson and you are not sure why or how except that you are just so good at what you do! But imagine would happen if you combined that with fantastic planning. 


So let's get REAL about time management. You aren't ever going to get more time. So use what you have wisely. We all want to do this, but sometimes (and I'm SO guilty of this) we fall into that trap of searching Pinterest, or Instagram and getting loads of inspiration, but after that hour you set aside for planning has passed, you have tons of inspiration but no solid plan even in motion.  I know this OH SO WELL, which is why I plan exactly what needs to be done during my working hours and stick to it without any distractions. 


And I'm sharing that with you in today's podcast! You must listen to get all the great tips and details on how to use my planning system. You can also grab the free templates that I use - you see I'm already saving you more time! 


In the Podcast episode #25, I walk you through the exact way I plan out each month and get everything on my to do list and in a schedule that works! 

Listen to the Podcast Episode and get the Templates for Time free download! 

Exposing children to a variety of traditions and ideas helps them develop the skills they need to become future ready. 

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Jenny Licko

Jenny Licko has been a music educator for over 20 years working both in schools and privately internationally. She has a passion for helping students become ready for a cultural diverse future.  

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