Scottish Country Dance

3rd Grade PE Lesson

This lesson explores Scottish Country dancing which is a type of social dance. The students love learning these dances and once they get the hang of it, they will love performing them!

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      National Standards

      Anchor Standard 5: Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation.  

      • DA:Pr5.1.3 a. Replicate body shapes, movement characteristics, and movement patterns in a dance sequence with awareness of body alignment and core support. 
      • DA:Pr5.1.3 b. Adjust body-use to coordinate with a partner or other dancers to safely change levels, directions, and pathway designs. 
      • DA:Pr5.1.3 c. Recall movement sequences with a partner or in group dance activities. Apply constructive feedback from teacher and selfcheck to improve dance skills. 

      Anchor Standard 7: Perceive and analyze artistic work 

      • DA:Re.7.1.3 a. Find a movement pattern that creates a movement phrase in a dance work. Anchor Standard 11: Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding. 
      • DA:Cn11.1.3 a. Find a relationship between movement in a dance from a culture, society, or community and the culture from which the dance is derived. Explain what the movements communicate about key aspects of the culture, society, or community. 

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