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What your school will get with Scotland In The Class Subjects and Grades k-5

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Music Lessons

  • Scottish Children's Songs & Games
  • Form in Scottish Tunes
  • Scots Dialect in Song
  • Scottish Dance Meter and Rhythm
  • Scottish Instrumental Music
  • Scottish Work Songs

Art Lessons

  • The Tartan
  • Scottish Castles
  • Pictish Symbols
  • Scottish Clothing
  • Charles Rennie Mackintosh
  • The Thistle

PE/Dance Lessons

  • Clan Tug O'war
  • The Caber Toss
  • Highland Dance
  • Scottish Country Dance
  • Golf
  • Shinty


  • The Story of Argyle
  • Peter Pan
  • Robert the Bruce Fable
  • Loch Ness
  • The Selkie Legend
  • The Poet Robert Burns

Extra Resources

  • Famous Scots Activity Bundle 
  • Historical Reading series
  • History and meanings of Highland Dance
  • Scotland Fun Facts
  • Scottish Vocabulary word search, crossword puzzle and unscramble bundle.
  • Scots dialect Word Search
  • Scots Dialect Matching Game
  • Counting in Scots Gaelic
  • Music: Today Is Hogmanay
  • Music: Ye Banks and Braes
  • Music: The Tartan
  • Music: The Bonnie Ship The Diamond
  • Links for finding Scottish groups in your area
  • Scottish Culinary Recipes
  • Scottish Country Dance Instructions

Teach Respect

With AUTHENTIC & Diverse Materials

Respect for diversity only happens when we understand the reasons for differences we dive deep with our authentic resources and materials

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of research, implementation and development

"My life has been full of Scottish Culture and traditions and I want to share my knowledge with as many students as possible!"  Jenny - founder of Scotland In The Class

Curriculum Integration

Over 32 plans - lifetime licensed access & updates for your school

Created by Educators who specialize in Scottish Culture and administrators who understand the curriculum requirements.

  • Core Curriculum, State Standards and PYP Inquiry Based international school method integration

  • All images, music, videos and scripts are licensed for your school. 

  • Scripted lessons, video tutorials, audio tutorials, worksheets, activities, engagement, reviews, bulletin boards and added optional resources.

  • Full implementation support from our team via a closed online group AND inside the lesson module. We are here to help and answer questions! 


    All Language Arts lessons are aligned with the Common Core standards.


    All Dance, Art and Music lessons have implemented the National Arts Standards.

  • PYP Transdisciplinary Themes

    Scotland in the class is also in alignment with the PYP Lines of Inquiry.  

  • State Standards

    North Carolina State Standards in Music and dance are currently being cited also. As more states join the program, and we hear back from you about what is needed, we will start adding more state standards to the charts. 

  • Quality Teachers

    All Lessons were created by certified teachers who have years of experience.   

"I enthusiastically recommend Jennifer’s program."

Robbin Smith, Huntersville Elementary School, USA

The history and culture of Scotland make a great foundation for teaching about traditions through music, dance, arts and language.  Scottish immigration is a part of American history and a played a huge role in American folk music.  


The music and dance of Scotland are familiar, yet unique.  With instruments like the Bagpipe and Bodhran the students are engaged. With the variety of dance styles found in Scottish culture, the movement is a natural progression to feeling the stylistic rhythmic approach to Scottish Folk music. The history of the folk music in Scotland teaches the students about who the Scottish people are and how they have expressed themselves through out time. 

Jenny Licko, Celtic Musician, Dancer and Educator

Scottish Organisations


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