A Celtic Journey

with Jennifer Licko

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I am American. I feel a deep connection to my Scottish ancestry and other Americans who have this same connection. I strengthen my connection through music, dance and the language of the Highlanders. I want to share those traditions with others.

about Jennifer

Carolina Girl.  Scottish Heritage.

  • American with Scottish Heritage

    ...and Irish and Czech and English...Can you relate? Of course many of us have this mixed ancestry, but relate more to one than the other.  

  • Highland Dancer

    If you are also a Highland Dancer, join us! We've got music, shows and even some audition opportunities for you!

  • Musician

    Love Celtic Music? So does Jennifer and sharing it is the best way to keep it alive! 

  • Cultural Diversity Educator

    For 15 years Jennifer has visited schools all over the world giving Cultural Arts and diversity programs and workshops. 

  • Scots Gaelic Learner

    Do you love this language? Jennifer will always consider herself a learner and she wants to share what she knows with you! Keep Gaelic Alive!

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