Celtic Christmas Online Show

Featuring songs from




  • Patrick Mangan from Riverdance
  • Celtic Album of the year winner, Jennifer Licko
  • Award winning Celtic guitarist, Patrick Doocey
  • Champion Irish & Scottish Highland Dancer, Emanuele Oliveira
  • Highland Piper Michel Mendes from Brazil
  • The Highland Dance Brasil Dance Team
  • and more...

Celtic Christmas Online

The New Celtic Christmas show by Highland Echoes is online this year! The 45 minute concert will feature ancient Celtic holiday songs and familiar carols in a Celtic Style. The Celtic traditions will be represented through stories, dance and music.


My feet are just dancing and I am clapping. Wonderful! 

Brenda Johnson

Live Show Viewer, Nov 29, 2020

Beautiful and emotional singing!

Emanuele Oliveira

Live Show Viewer, Nov 29, 2020

The strength and endurance of the dancers! The joy and the love of the dance shines though! 

Brenda Butler Feutz

Live Show Viewer, Nov 29, 2020

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