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We help Scottish organizations with their online communications and marketing when they become a member of Highland Echoes.





Our membership offers you valuable information to grow your Organization. If you are not growing your business online, then you are missing out on a whole lot of action!   We walk you through it all so you see results!  


Tax - Deductible

Your membership fee is tax deductible due to our 501(c)3 registration.


Your membership qualifies your business as a verified resource which we will list on our website. 

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You gain access to our membership module full of tutorials to further the development of your organization. 


Your business will be listed on the Highland Echoes Performance program while you are an active member. 


What you get as a yearly member

I'm so happy you asked!

The Courses you get as a Yearly Member!

These courses are all packed into your yearly membership. They drip out one course per month so that when you join, you can take each course at a time giving it your full attention. 

Communications Management Guide

  • Attract new members by using social media the right way. 
  • Save time by using our online organizational strategies.
  • Learn how to use the single most powerful online marketing & communications tool to increase membership and event attendance.
  • Take comfort in knowing you are following internet legalities. 
  • Create a simple website with a call to actions that grow your membership. 
  • Earn more revenue for your organization with an automated e-commerce online store. 
  • Use your monthly call time to get your online marketing and communications questions answered.

The Facebook Breakthrough Formula

The Instagram Breakthrough Formula

The Email Formula

Monthly Calls

The Website Formula

E-commerce Formula


  • Social Media posting SWIPE FILE
  • Google Drive Set up instructions  for your organization
  • Communication team handbook ready to use! 
  • Email formats for frequent responses. 
  • How to use CANVA for free to create all your graphics/newsletters/social media posts and more!

Professional Development


We created this membership to help those Scottish organizations who know they need to use today's technology to reach more members, but haven't had the time to learn and implement. 

We have already done the learning part, and with our courses you will be able to fast forward and just implement using our proven formulas. 


For Organizations

Membership Plan Options

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Monthly Plan

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Yearly Plan

Save money with the yearly payment





Do you know where your potential members are? Are they using facebook, instagram or linked in? Does this overwhelm you? Don't worry, we've got your covered in our professional development. How to find your audience, how to engage with them, and always the biggest question...What to post! 

  • Increase your membership

    Learn how you can increase your membership just by the way you communicate online.

  • Promote your events

    Struggle to get attendees at your events? We teach you how to learn what events will work and how to market those events online.

  • Get your website up to date

    Check out your business website on your phone, can you read the print? Is it easy to find the navigational menu? Does it take more than 10 seconds to load? Are you able to quickly make updates on the website yourself? Do you know which fonts read best on screen? Do you have a simple understand of SEO and tracking pixels? These are the questions you should be asking. If not, then you are loosing potential members every day.  We are giving you all the tips and tricks you need to make your website work for you. Including a detailed checklist on the top 5 things every website must have and how to implement them! 

  • Communications & your mailing list 

    Do you understand GDPR? Do you know why you need to understand GDPR? We've got you covered...we will teach you exactly how to use email legally and how to build your email list.  And why it's the most important marketing tool you have! We also cover social media and just good old fashion print! It's all here and made especially for you and your target market! 

  • Increase revenue with an Online Merch Store

    The online world is easy for you automate and for potential customers to access. Therefore, having an automated online store takes all the stress away from one person.  We can help you with all of this by sharing our favorite drag and drop platforms for a store, our favorite print on demand companies and best practices for automation! 



If you want to ask questions over the phone or email, please feel free to reach out to us.

910 338 0787 | 


What does it mean to be a verified resource? 


All resources listed on the Highland Echoes resources page and recommended to the public are verified by us.  People will not find broken links, un-related links or outdate information on our website when searching for resources in their communities. We establish ourselves as an organization people can trust and therefore we will only link to organizations and resources we have verified personally and are checked for accuracy every month. 

We want to be sure that we are providing resources that add value.  As a Highland Echoes Professional member,  we know you want to also add value to your community. Together we are providng a serivce to communities and building a trust with them. 

  • No Broken or inaccurate Links
  • No out of date information
  • No recommendations of businesses that we don't know and trust. 

Who can become a member?


How are the courses delivered? 


Who does the yearly membership fee cover?


Is there a timeline to take the provided  online courses? 


When do the online professional development courses begin?


As soon as you sign up you will gain access to the membership program. However, we release new content every month, some of the content may be grayed out until the next month. 


Celtic Musician.  Dancer.   Podcaster.  Educator.   Entrepreneur.   Mom. 

 Wife.  Runner.  Youtuber.  Coffee - Wine - Chocolate Lover.  

Hi I'm Jennifer Licko

I'm kind of a nerd who loves to code, create Facebook ads and learn foreign languages. More than anything, I love what I do with my life which is mostly engaging in anything Scottish! I love visiting schools to share Scots Gaelic songs and Scottish dancing with children. Performing with an amazing group of musicians and dancers in Highland Echoes the show also makes me super happy. Recording podcasts to help teachers celebrate cultural diversity and recording music to bring comfort and joy to my fans are also extremely rewarding! However, now I'm excited that I can share my nerdy marketing passion with others who want to see their Scottish business organization move forward into 2020~

Professional Highlights 

  • 7 albums (including Celtic Album of the Year 2014)
  • Founder and executive director of Highland Echoes, INC
  • Producer of the show Highland Echoes
  • Owner and creator of The Cultural Classroom

Working in the online space for over 20 years for my own business, I've learned quite a bit about what works and what doesn't. I've also learned how to take advantage of some of the best free programs available for building your own website, creating social media posts and building an email list. 

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