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Festa Junina Game Kit

2 Games for your classroom game centers

  • Printable Bingo boards and calling cards
  • Jail Bail board game and directions


Festa Junina offers different games and attractions for its public. One of the most popular is correio elegante (elegant mail), in which people can send, anonymously, cards to another people. the “Jails” are also a big attraction, in which people “get arrested” by other people and need to stay arrested for 5 or 10 minutes, unless they pay a “bail” to get out. Fishing games are also common and people use fake plastic fishes and fake plastic fishing poles to win prizes. Bingo can also be part of the event and the prizes are usually house items.


Jail Bail is a part of the festa Junina games and activities in Brazil. Set up stations in your classroom for a celebration. Include the JAIL BAIL board game we created around the celebration of Festa Junina! 

You will get the board game to print along with playing directions. 


BINGO is also a popular Festa Junina Game! We've created 4 BINGO Junina themed boards along with calling cards. You can print, laminate and cut to have ready for your Festa Junina celebration! 

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