Jennifer Licko

Celtic Musician, Dancer, and Educator

​"...Such wonderful feedback from teachers and parents. Some parents said that their children came home singing and dancing. One teacher said that it was the best Cultural Arts program that they've ever seen."
Robbin Smith,Huntersville Elementary PTA 

Celtic Album of the Year, 2014
Celtic Music Radio, Boston USA


Jennifer Licko has been researching, collecting, performing and teaching Scottish and Irish music for over 20 years. 


She spent years living and studying in both Scotland and Ireland before moving back to the United States to visit schools as an a presenter of the Celtic Culture.  Now residing in Brazil with her two little boys, dog and husband; Jennifer continues to teach at schools as an artist 
in residence, runs a non-profit called Highland Echoes, and pursue her career as a recording artist.  


The daughter of a music teacher and the niece of a Scottish dance teacher, Jennifer grew up with music and dance in her life.  She attended East Carolina School of music and earned a BA in music education, and The University of Edinburgh School of Scottish Studies to study History and the Scots Gaelic Language.


As Celtic Album of the Year winner in 2014, Jennifer has had a successful career as a professional singer, but it is only through sharing her knowledge with children that she feels truly fulfilled.    



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