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Can we set up a donation fund to pay for the program?
Yes, contact our non-profit at and we can set up a link just for your school. Anyone can donate and every time you reach a financial goal, part of the module will be released to your school. 


Are you a non-profit 501 (c) (3)? 

Highland Echoes is a non-profit AND they are set up to support schools who can not afford the programs. We are accepting requests from Schools who would like to be on the waiting list. If you would like to set up a donation fund in order to raise money to obtain on of our teaching modules please contact:

Jennifer Licko's 'A Celtic Classroom' program is not a non-profit.  If you are using school funds to buy the program, you can buy directly from A Celtic Classroom on this page. 


Can we buy the lessons a la carte instead of the entire unit? 

Yes. You can buy any lesson a la cart style. However, you will not get the automatic lifetime updates because you will just get a downloadable package with links to the extra resources. You will not have a password to get inside the module to receive the full team support, updates, bonuses and extra resources. 

You an also purchase the FULL Music and General lesson units separately (Starts with 5 lessons, and with new lessons coming out every 2-3 months). These purchases do give you full access to lifetime updates (the release of all new lessons), team support and bonuses. 


What will the updates include?

Remember, that you will have lifetime access, so improvements based on your feedback will be made. We will also be adding new lessons for each subject. Currently the program does not include our full line of video tutorials. Once those roll out, they will automatically appear inside the module. 


Who created the lesson plans and have they been used in schools yet? 
A team of teachers who have a background in Scottish history, Scottish Traditions and culture wrote the plans to accommodate curriculum needs and to ensure ease of use for the average teacher. They have been tested in many schools by our lesson writers and by teachers who have no background experience with Scottish Culture. We are continually testing and making changes to ensure a quality experience for the students and teachers. 


How much is 'Scotland in the Classroom' lifetime access for the entire elementary school? 

To license the lifetime use of 'Scotland in the Classroom' the one time cost is $947. 
The Music unit and the General unit are also sold as separate packages for $347 each. 


Can I use grant money to purchase the program for my school? 

Of course!  If you need any extra information, please contact us and we are happy to help! 


If I move to another school, can I use the lessons with the students at my new school? 

Great question! Our mission is to promote the Scottish culture and traditions. In line with our mission, we want you to continue teaching this material! We have a step by step process for moving teachers to obtain a license for their new school and it is very situation based.  

 1.We need an amazing testimonial from you 

2. We need you to fill out the application that we provide

3. Our board will meet and make a decision after reviewing your application. 


Which grades are you serving? 

The lessons are made such that each grade will get at least one lesson per subject (music, art, PE and general) every year. It is a cycle program in order to reach all children in multiple disciplines throughout their elementary education. However, the lessons are also made to stand on their own and additional resources are provided for expansion if desired. 


Do you have any resources for Ireland?  

Yes. We are currently working on our 'Ireland in the Class' program which will module the same format as 'Scotland in the Class'. 



Are these lessons copyrighted?  

The content inside of the unit is copyrighted and we license the program for your school.  The lessons can not be shared with other teachers outside of your school or it is punishable by law. 


Please email or call with any additional questions.

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