3 Scottish Children's 

Songs & Movements 


Kodály and Orff both focus on the development of children by exposing them to the beauty and artfulness of cultural folk music.


These 3 songs offer standards based activities for k-5th grade while experiencing the natural learning from folk music and movement. 

Time saving resources for cultural diversity.


    • Movement, Rhythm and Games for each song

    • Audio, sheet music and lyrics for each song

    • Song background information

    • Scots Dialect Activity

    • Listening and Analyzing roadmap

    • PYP Conceptual based learning theme: 'How the World Works' activity.

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    "This offered a chance to look at a culture different from our own. It opened the eyes of the students to not only heritage but to what awaits those with interested minds."

    Cindy Paredes, Onslow County Teacher, USA

    Save Time


    researching children's cultural folk songs and wondering if they are authentic.  

    "My life has been full of Scottish , Irish, and Brazilian Culture and traditions and I want to share my knowledge with as many students as possible!"  Jenny - founder of The Cultural Classroom

    Teach Respect

    With AUTHENTIC & Diverse Materials

    Respect for diversity only happens when we understand the reasons for differences we dive deep with our authentic resources and materials


    Authentic to Scottish culture & Proven success with teachers

    • SAVE PLANNING TIME: Our resources come complete with implementation activities for your classroom that already integrate into your curriculum.
    • TRUSTED SOURCES: We know music education, the national standards and the importance of diversity. 
    • WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Our resources can be used year after year. 

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