A Step by step roadmap to plan out your best teacher year ever - using post its! 

Your 2019/20 Planning Roadmap

Plan Out Your Planning!

By Jenny Licko - Respecting Diversity in the Class

Get rid of the overwhelm of the unknown year ahead!





Don't wait until August to start thinking about your school year! Start planning now so that you have a predictable and achievable goals to put you on the path for your best year ever! 


Using your scope and sequence, your curriculum, your best lesson plans ever, and remembering WHY you teach - our FREE teacher planning roadmap - will keep you on track for the entire year and help you retain that passion for teaching. Teach burn out is REAL, but preventable with proactive planning.  


Our FREE planning Roadmap will walk you through all the steps you need to plan out your best teacher year ever - and get rid of the back to school stress and overwhelm that starts to creep up on you in July. Start now and you'll be thanking yourself later! You will need these items to get started.


  • Our FREE Planning Roadmap 
  • At least different colored postit notes
  • Large Desktop planner
  • Sharpies
  • 3-4 pieces of regular paper (checkits)


Set aside a full day possibly with another teacher if that helps. Make sure you will be free of distractions. Allow plenty of enough space that you can really spread out and leave everything set up for the full day. Start early in the day when you are the most focused with your favorite breakfast beverage and enjoy this! 

Listen to the Podcast and Download the Free Planning Roadmap to get all of the details on how to plan your best teaching year ever using post its! (trust me, I'm not being sponsored by postits! I just love using them)

Listen to the Podcast Episode and take notes! 

Download the Free cheatsheet By Clicking the image below!

Exposing children to a variety of traditions and ideas helps them develop the skills they need to become future ready. 

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Jenny Licko

Jenny Licko has been a music educator for over 20 years working both in schools and privately internationally. She has a passion for helping students become ready for a cultural diverse future.  

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