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Focus on Brazil: FESTA JUNINA

By Jenny Licko - Respecting Diversity in the Class

Why not expose your students to some Brazilian culture!


WAIT, I’m not talking about Carnaval!


I’m talking about their June Festivity called Festa Junina! 


Celebrate Festa Junina in your classroom! (June Festival) is a Catholic tradition that takes place in June (and sometimes July as well) to celebrate saints and the new planting season. This tradition was brought to Brazil through Portuguese settlers. At the beginning, the celebrations were pretty similar to the Portuguese ones but over the years Brazil developed a unique type of celebration with regional expressions. 

This festivity usually takes place at a grand tent made of raw material that was once commonly used for special festivities in old rural areas. Men and women dress up as farm rural people, with large straw hats, fake freckles, painted gap teeth and women wear pigtails. This is a tribute to the origins of Brazilian country music.


Listen to this podcast below to get all the details of how to create stations or classroom centers in your class during a Festa Junina Celebration! I share with you the historical background of this one festival in Brazil, the festival itself and it’s how you can implement the cultural study in your classroom! 


  • CHEATSHEET with all the details of the episode and Video links to festa Junina dances
  • Brazilian Children's Folk music Kit with a Recorder Bonus!
  • Festa Junina Games for your class centers! 


Download our cheat sheet with all of this information including links to that you have everything you need to implement Festa Junina in your class to celebration the end of the year! 

Listen to the Podcast Episode and take notes! 

Download the Free cheatsheet By Clicking the image below!

Exposing children to a variety of traditions and ideas helps them develop the skills they need to become future ready. 

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